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Thank you for providing Lubefast with your feedback.  As a way to say “Thank You”, please feel free to print and use the following exclusive coupons!

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transmission_coupon_01Save $10.00

Automatic Transmission Service

100% of your old fluid, dirt and contaminants are flushed from your transmission.

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wiper_blade_coupon_01Save $3.00

A Pair of Wiper Blades

Get a pair of premium BOSCH® quality blades. We now carry the new “bracketless” wiper blades for most newer vehicles.

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radiator_coupon_01Save $7.00

Radiator Service

Valid on: Standard and Extended Life radiator services.

[Coupon Link]

gearbox_coupon_01Save $5.00

Any Gearbox Service

Valid on: Front & rear differentials and transfer case services. There is an extra charge for the use of synthetic fluid in any gearbox.

[Coupon Link]

power_steering_coupon_01Save $5.00

Power Steering Flush Service

100% of your existing fluid, dirt and contaminants are flushed from your power steering system.

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serpentine_belt_coupon_01Save $7.00

Serpentine Belt Service

The old serpentine belt is recycled to keep our planet green!

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fuel_injection_coupon_01Save $5.00

Fuel Injection Cleaning Service

The air intake system and combustion chambers are thoroughly cleaned. Harmful deposits are removed from the fuel system.

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fuel_filter_coupon_01Save $5.00

Fuel Filter Service

Your old fuel filter will be captured and recycled to keep our planet green!

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battery_coupon_01 - CopySave $6.00

Battery Service

The old battery is removed and recycled.

[Coupon Link]

engine_cleaning_detergent_coupon_01Save $5.00

Ultimate Engine Cleaning Service

A clean running engine is a great way to keep your vehicle green! is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your vehicle green!

[Coupon Link]

air_filtration_coupon_01 - CopySave $4.00

Cabin Air Filter Service

A clean cabin air filter will just let you breathe easier!

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engine_treatment_coupon_01Save $5.00

TX7 Engine Treatment

Our engine treatment improves performance in your engine.

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