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American Lubefast
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by Micah on American Lubefast
Super helpful

We were on a road trip passing through Crestview Florida when our oil pressure warning light came on. As it turns out, it was due to our oil being over filled from the oil change the day before. The men at the Crestview service center were very helpful. They took the extra time to drain out some of the oil and we’re very pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend the Crestview service station.

by John Feehan on American Lubefast
BIG problems, solved professionally

I feel compelled to write this review of A.L.F. of Opelika because of the entire team's commitment to solving an issue I was having with a Jeep Wrangler I intended to trade in. To make a long story short the Jeep had more issues than any of us imagined going into the situation. The Mechanic was relentless in his determination to fix the issues and to deliver a vehicle that was up to the level of repair that he had promised. He took it upon himself to remain committed to getting to the bottom of each issue and to make solid recommendations as to what steps to take next. He took the time to explain in person the issue that he saw and how he was going to fix it. I have never seen this type of customer attention in a repair shop. While I ended up having to spend WAY more than i wanted to on a vehicle I intended to get rid of due the multiple issues that were contributing to the symptoms that were shown, I am so confident in the repairs that were done, I am keeping the jeep now. This was my first experience with American Lube Fast and I will be taking my families other cars to them as a result of this experience. I commend "Mango" (mechanic) especially, but also Charles and Matt for their help in keeping me updated and informed throughout the process. The team in Opelika is a great asset to A.L.F. and should be recognized as such! I commend A.L.F. for their corporate philosophy to be a christian based organization and to be willing to openly share that on their website!

by Mary Johnson on American Lubefast

I drove into American Lubefast in Prattville, AL to get an oil change. The first thing I saw was a sign that said "We honor God in all we do." I saw that being acted out by the staff. They were professional, courteous, and quick. I felt they had my best interests at heart. I will give the a good reference whenever possible. Thank you.

by Ed North on American Lubefast

I would like Thank the entire crew at the Prattville location for outstanding service over the last several years. I have been bringing all of my vehicles to this location and the staff and crew have always been professional and courteous. Today, I brought one of my vehicles in because of some transmission issues and Mechanic Ryan Stripling helped me and took a look at my fluid levels, topped them off, and then provided a preliminary diagnosis. Ryan's help and diagnosis were greatly appreciated and I just wanted to make sure that he was recognized for his efforts. Thanks again for your help as always with my vehicles.


Satisfied Customer!!!

by Jason Mustin on American Lubefast
Dothan Southside Store 0703

We all know these type places can be hit or miss. I've been having service on my vehicles at this location for probably 10 years. They have a pretty good, stable working crew here. There's a fellow named Al Wilburn, who is most likely the manager. It's because of his attitude and workmanship that I continuously return to this location, and as long as he's there, I always will. These are great guys, and Al is a standout. I appreciate them greatly.

by DJ Hogue on American Lubefast

The guys at the Ocean Springs AFL(2:30pm on 11/27/17) are fantastic! They changed my oil in 10 minutes and recommended extra service options based on my high mileage car. They were extremely friendly in assisting me and told me to come back if I ever have any questions about the car. These gentlemen truly are a great, genuine group of guys.

by Michael Taylor on American Lubefast
Service Above and Beyond

I went to Store 0331 in Niceville, Florida today. It was my second time there and the first time with my 2000 Honda Accord. The technician tried to refill my coolant reservoir, but it had detached completely from the car. Apparently the device holding it in place had rusted. A couple of the technicians got together and "McGyver'd" a solution involving a coat hangar. It looks like it will last a long time. Thanks! Oh yeah, they also did a great job with the oil change.

by Susan Carr on American Lubefast

I just have to tell you how great the manager at the Michigan Ave store is. Dan went above and beyond expectations to do a great job on my Crown Vic. The hood latch has been an ongoing problem, but Dan took the time to make it right. He was also training some new employees and he was making sure that they knew how to do things correctly. I so appreciate that and I will never go back to my old oil change provider. Thanks so much guys!!

by melissa tatum on American Lubefast
made my day

I was takeing my husband truck for and oil change, which I hate doing cause I know nothing about vehicles. Not only were the honest enough to tell me it wasn't time for and oil change, the checked everything for me anyway. super friendly.

by arthur howard on American Lubefast
Great crew in Mobile Alabam

I have been going to store # 0105 for over a year now. The first time I went there was because it had a real great promotion going. I continue to go there because the staff is always courteous and professional. I especially like to commend the manager, Joe. I call him "big man" because of his size. He always has a crew that is professional and attentive to any questions that I have. I can but oil anywhere I want but it is hard to get consistent good service.

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